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Kommentierte Musik

In the Kommentierte Musik project series, ensemble mosaik continues its research into the possibilities inherent in new concert formats. In the Sichtbare Musik series (2010–12) as well as the follow-up projects perspektive matters(2012) and transduction (2014), the ensemble reflected on the concert ritual in cooperation with various directors on the basis of programmed compositions; it also tested new forms of presentation. Kommentierte Musik is a continuation and further development of these project concepts in which artists from other genres are invited to realize their artistic perspective on selected works in an exchange with the ensemble’s musicians.

Kommentierte Musik 1 – BLIND DATE

BLIND DATE is the first cooperation between cie. toula limnaios and ensemble mosaic. We are especially interested in the continuation of music into the visual sphere and the meeting of auditory perception with the direct power of expression and physicality of dance and movement in space. The common reflection on the compositions becomes a shaping element that integrates the music and musicians in a choreographic idea; it spans both evenings. Eight compositions form the point of departure for choreographic sketches that comment on the music scenically. cie. toula limnaios formulates images of movement between the works. They are visual extensions of the compositions’ structures – expanding comments that meet the music with an independent position and create miniatures, like a parcours in time and space.

Part I

Alberto Posadas: Nebmaat (2004)
Chatschatur Kanajan: AC/Taqsim/DC (2010/2011)
Stefan Streich: ritorno (2007)
Bernhard Gander: Schöne Worte (2007)

19.12.2014 / HALLE TANZBÜHNE BERLIN, Berlin

Part II

Aureliano Cattaneo: Trio IV (2006)
Rebecca Saunders: to and fro (2010)
Chris Swithinbank: Tomorrow I will build a house here, if I can hold still (2014)
Timothy McCormack: One Flat Thing, reproduced (2010)
Bernhard Gander: Schöne Worte (2007)

20.12.2014 / HALLE TANZBÜHNE BERLIN, Berlin

An ensemble mosaik production in co-production with cie. toula limnaios and the HALLE TANZBÜHNE BERLIN, supported by the Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V., the Kulturamt Pankow and the Deutschen Musikrat e.V. With friendly support from the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Senate Offices - Cultural Affairs.

Kommentierte Musik 2

- in the fall of 2015 -