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transduction - ein installatives Konzertprojekt

transduction is the second cooperation between ensemble mosaik and the film artist-duo Distruktur and the director Thomas Fiedler. The installation-based concert project investigates acoustic forms of presentation and focuses on sound projection as a source for artistic design possibilities. The compositions that are performed will specifically deal with the transformed space; the auditory space around the audience will begin to move.

Three films that each have a reference to the program’s compositions transport the subject into the level of images. Questions relating to physical detachment, reproduction and distortion are all reflected in the visual sphere.

These various forms of transmitting music pieces and films are combined and contrasted in the concert installation. Unplugged material, closely microphoned and recorded elements, film music and live music set to the film interact in a multi-dimensional game of deception.

The concert is a parcours through the possibilities of auditory spatiality – acoustic, visual and virtual.

transduction – ein installatives Konzertprojekt

Clemens Gadenstaetter: Sad Songs (2012)
Mark Barden: viscosity (2014)
Mauro Lanza / Andrea Valle: Regnum vegetabile (2014)

11.08.2014 / Centralstation, Darmstadt
03. & 04.09.2014 / Berghain, Berlin

An ensemble mosaik production in co-production with the Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt. Supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds.

Video: Distruktur